20 Aug Anchor Text Penalty While Link Building

Chris (cemper) is one of the most respected link builders out there and it is due time that I started getting his videos up here for everyone to see. This video brings out something very interesting you don’t hear about in the open too often. I know I’ve run into this problem many times and it is just one of the pitfalls of link building.

Chris has a German real estate client who has been online for 10 years and has naturally developed around 100,000 links(give or take site wides :). The problem started when they built some links to a few new content pages, and then got filtered via Google’s anchor text sniffer. Take a listen and learn a thing or two that might save you some time and trouble down the road.

Who: Chris Cemper
Where: Cemper.com
What: SEO Consultant specializing in link building