Victoria Branding Services

Getting a Handle on Your Brandle

Branding isn’t the most simple concept to grab at first attempt. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, describes it quite succinctly when he says “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Branding encompasses everything your company does from its website to its letterhead. From its products to how it handles customer support. Anytime anybody has an interaction of any sort with your brand, branding is happening. As such, it is quite a delicate, albeit exhilarating and encompassing part of marketing.

Implementing a successful branding campaign allows us to really get to know every facet of the company we’re working with. We’ll create email signatures as well as phone greetings to ensure that your brand is portrayed positively in the minds of your clients, employees and the rest of the population as well.

Identify and Plan

Properly executing a successful branding strategy will require input from everybody who is willing to give it and lots of well organized planning. It will be the most comprehensive marketing project your brand has ever undergone and everything that comes our of your company will follow the branding guidelines you establish during these exercises.

A properly executed branding effort will take months to complete simply because of how extensive and comprehensive it will be.

A Framework Upon Which to Expand

Establishing brand guidelines ensure there is a solid framework upon which to build all your future endeavours. We will help you make sure that you have logos and font guidelines for everything you produce from video media to business cards.

How Can We Help You with Branding?