12 Nov Business.com Directory Closing Down

Well this must be great news for BOTW, but bad news for a lot of people who loved the strong link from one of the oldest and most authoritative web directories left. The long running Business.com directory has announced it will be closing its B2B section and integrating with Dex One instead….I imagine they were making millions still with the directory and the rest of the site, so it will be interesting to see how this works. From a branding perspective, I would much prefer to keep the Business.com name with the current setup, but they must have bigger plans in mind.

Dex One will continue to manage the Business.com site and support existing customers through an extended transition period. Following this period, Dex One will continue to control all rights associated with the Business.com brand and URL. Business.com customers with questions can call 1-888-441-4466.

I imagine Google Places and other local search is taking its toll on this style of site, as well as many other local business directories. I’m actually quite glad I never got into that niche myself. So if you were thinking about getting listed in here, I’m sorry to bring the bad news. You can however take a look at Best Of The Web as a healthy alternative to getting a juicy link if your site passes the human inspection.

Read The News Release: http://eon.businesswire.com/news/eon/20101110007059/en/dex-one/dexo/business.com