Take A Walk With Central Bark

We recently finished a client’s website and showcased how a fresh and modern look with focused content helped grow a local dog walking business. It feels great not only giving something a client wants, but helping them grow which in return keeps #YYJ moving along. If your business is looking for a new direction then we highly recommend you give us a call.

What was done differently?

Central Bark Victoria is a local dog walking service that is run by local entrepreneur Jill Macdonald. She was recently in need of a new look and of course more leads to grow her expanding business. She was using the Wix.com service which just lacks a lot of features in regards to SEO, so we decided to move her to the WordPress platform on her own hosting. This really is a must if you really want to build your business around the web, and especially social media integration.

Jill already did a great job of filling her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts with great content and it was imperative we showed this off through her new site. She loves her job and it showed brightly though her content, and there’s no better way to attract customers.

The WordPress Difference

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 10.34.08 AM WordPress is an easy choice for a small business as it won’t require much in the way of development or server costs. You also have an almost instant plugin to all the free plugins that extend its use. Jill is able to easily write a new blog post, automatically have her content post to Facebook and Twitter, and book appointments right to her phone.

We wanted to also give the website a clean and minimal look, so designing that was quick and best of all not that expensive. A great looking, functional website doesn’t have to cost a fortune so it was great to have her love the new look. We also new that this would give potential new customers the feeling that their dog would be in safe hands when booking with Jill online.

The beauty of working in such a great city is that we also can enjoy the local coffeeshops which is where this site was conceived and brought to life.

Simple Local Marketing

The next step was of course to amplify the amount of leads coming in through SEO, social media marketing and PPC. The fact she moved to custom hosting and a new SEO friendly website, she had her traffic increase 3x the amount within just a couple weeks.

central bark marketing success