25 Aug Connect With Me Socially

I’ve been so bogged down with client work and my own Ecommerce project I’ve had little time to write a good post. I have a few in the works that are going to help a lot of you out there, and I still have an Ecommerce SEO/Link Building guide in the works. I’ve had to cut down on the resources in that article or I think I’d have to charge for the information :)

We setup an Ecommerce shop a little under a year ago and have come a long way in regards to the marketing aspects, so I hope to bring a lot to the table with my guide. Building links naturally for an online shop is a little bit tougher, and if you don’t have money to put into it, I wouldn’t bother trying to compete.

I wanted to take the time here to connect with you folks socially and become friends on the various social networks. If you have an account on any of the following feel free to add me as a friend, and if you like, send over some content you think I’d like to see.

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