07 May Create Resources For Links In Your Industry

For those of you in an industry that is a little behind the times when it comes to marketing online, then it’s time to take advantage. I’ve had a big client that unfortunately started to run out of quality places to get related links. This gave me the idea to plan out a long term strategy that would help grow his business as well as bring in quality links. Some of the options I’ve covered here but who doesn’t like a nice little list to go over?

So my client has his site and I’ve been link building on it for 5 months which has netted us just over 300 quality links from related sites, social media and through linkbait. This has proved to be effective enough to destroy the competition and make it tough for anyone coming up to catch up. My client didn’t want to stop there even though I reached the ranking goals, and me wanting to make more money I obliged.

His site was just a usual static html site with no social aspects, and defintely no blog. Since his industry was void of any sort of social media site, or industry resource, I suggested we create 4 seperate sites over the next 6 months. This would allow him to do a few things like have strong links back to his company, get more exposure and have assets that are worth something in the long run.

So a lot of this shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you, but it is something to think about. It requires a lot of work and then the waiting for things to kick off in the coming months. So how many of you have gone out and done something like this? Has it worked out to your benefit? If you’re still wondering what resources I’m talking about I was talking about these:

  • Social Video Site
  • Web/Business Directory
  • Blog
  • Industry Podcast
  • Industry Forum
  • Classifieds

These are just a few examples of seperate sites that can be created on a seperate IP or server. Obviously we wouldn’t put all this effort into it just for a link, but it gives you such an advantage over your industry, and you can control the links going to competitors because you’re the webmaster. So again, nothing ground breaking here but just something to think about if you’re in a quiet niche.