25 Jul Does Google Age Backlinks Over Time?

I’m sitting here, drinking my much needed Triple Grande Latte from Starbucks near my condo, of course taking in my daily dose of Webmaster World Forums. I love the topics that come up here, and there is no better forum on the net to learn about Google, as well as in depth link building chat. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these forums, and even more happy that they haven’t turned into a the likes of Digital Point Forums. The topic that caught my eye this morning was a thread title “Does Google Age Your Backlinks?“.

This to me is a very good question and I’d love to hear what my readers think about it. I fully believe they do mainly from what I’ve seen during my work over the years, and it makes sense…no? You get a link on resource page A, and over time that page gets more links, ranks better and obviously should be passing a little more link juice. Perhaps the life cycle of an authoritative page from birth to old age?

So what do you folks think?