07 Nov Google Adds Rich Snippets For Ecommerce Sites

One of our main areas of consulting we handle is Ecommerce which is, and has been the craziest area of marketing in the past couple of years…in my opinion of course. Times are changing fast within Google and it’s a completely different game as of late. With the Caffeine updates, more branding coming into play and all sorts of SERP tweaks how’s a webmaster to stay sane? To help grab some extra attention within the listings, especially if your shop has had some rough times in the past 6 months, Google has introduced rich snippets. I’ve just been getting clients to dive in and start playing with the feature, so I don’t have much of my own data to go on just yet. I’ve changed my shops so I’ll definitely take a deeper look into things after I’ve had a few more months of data.

All you have to do to get your product review information in your rich snippets is submit your product ratings directly in your feed. You can also work with one of Google’s reviews partners to submit your rich information. If you work with a partner, your reviews information will appear in rich snippets, and shoppers on Google Product Search will be able to see your full-length reviews on your relevant product pages, and they’re even branded with your logo. This is also another hint, in my mind, to get more of a focus on branding.