24 Nov Holy Crap Cereal Pwns The Dragons Den

One of my favorite shows in the past few years is the CBC’s Dragons Den, something that a lot of Americans may not have heard of. There was a spin off called The Shark Tank which most of should know about. Either way, it’s a show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to the Dragons for a cut of their action. This past week a local company to us here in BC pitched their healthy cereal called Holy Crap, and needless to say they got an offer so fast it made history on the show. So speaking in terms of branding, this is one helluva opportunity that has set the Internet on fire in terms of blog posts, news and Twitter traffic all talking about the brand. They were also very smart to name the cereal the way they did and you can bet this cereal will be all over supermarkets by the end of the year. I was so impressed with how it all went down that I actually ordered some cereal, that is saying something because I rarely purchase online, let alone food! That and I’m not even a breakfast person.