27 Aug It's Going To Be A Slow Few Days

Coming up I’m preparing to move deeper downtown Vancouver where I’m currently in an apartment on the beach. I’ve got to move in January and my good friend asked me to look after his cat and apartment for free until then, so I said what the hell. So the next few days are going to be slow on the link building news front because I have to finish a few things up for a client. So on that note if anyone needs some consulting work to formulate a link building strategy that’s 100% custom to your businesses niche, give me a shout.

I’m also still wanting to draw you guys into the Link Building Forums so we can get that going, but I’m aware it’s going to be another 6 months before that place is all hustle and bustle. I’m in talks now with a new moderator who can bring a lot to the forum due to his career in the SEO game, so more on that soon. I’ve managed to get within the top 10 on the first couple of days for the forum which should help a little bit but as I’ve stated before, I really think the link building niche is yet to take off as much as it will.