17 Nov Knowem.com Review

I’ll make this short and quick because time is of the essence, that and my Netbook’s battery life is getting low on the goods like my Starbucks coffee here. I’ve been using Knowem.com to create and complete my own websites social media profiles, as well for the clients who have big brands and need everything setup. Knowem.com offers profile completion on up to 300+ social media websites which really saves you a lot of time in the long run. While I don’t think every company needs all 300+ profiles, you can choose a few different options that suit your companies needs. This is also a great link building tool to help get those profile links going, you have to start somewhere right? You provide them with all the quality details about your company and they handle the account creation, email confirmations, pictures and of course your companies link. This is also a great start to getting those brand links from social media, all you have to do now is go get active and make those profiles worthy of indexation. The pricing is fair and they don’t outsource the work so you know you don’t have to worry. No offense to you outsourced companies out there but from the work I’ve seen come back, I’d never use you for a large corporation or brand. The pricing as follows;



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