02 Nov Link Building In The Health & Fitness Niche

Here’s another niche link building strategy guide that is similar to what I can put together for your company, or blog. I picked the health niche because it is so vast and this will make finding a lot of resources to write about much easier. If you would like to have me map out a custom link building and social media marketing campaign for your website feel free to contact me.

Although the healt and fitness niche’s are heavily competative, there are still a lot of new ways to market your product or site. These new methods should also bring in strong, healthy links from niche related social media sites, forums and more. We’ll  first take a look at a few health directories that would be worth the time spent submitting. I usually don’t like wasting my time on these, but because it’s so competitive you don’t have much choice!

Health & Fitness Web Directories:

PR7 Fitness@Dmoz.org – Submit Site

PR4 Fitness@Blogged.com – Submit Site

PR3 Fitness@Blogflux.com – Submit Site

PR3 FitnessDirectory.org – Submit Site

PR3 The-Fitness-Directory.com – Submit Site

PR2 Directoryfitness.com – Submit Site

PR2 Directorymed.com – Submit Site

Health & Fitness Forums:

Most of these sites are good for do follow signatures, but please don’t spam these forums. Take part and get involved in your community.

PR5 + 1.2 Million Members Body Building Forum – Join Forum

PR5 HealthBoards.com – Join Forum

PR4 Shapefit Forums – Join Forum

PR4 ClutchFitness.com – Join Forum

PR4 HealthCastle.com – Join Forum

PR2 AthleticRunner.com – Join Forum

Health & Fitness Social Bookmarking:

Don’t forget to submit to the usual Digg/Mixx/Mr Wong/Reddit/Propeller because they all have health directories. Here are a few obscure health and fitness social bookmarking sites.

PR5 Healthranker.com – Submit Links

PR4 Contentpop.com – Submit Links

PR2 KieFit.com – Submit Links

PR0 Joose.us – Submit Links

Web 2.0 Sites & Social Networking:

Most of these communities have blogs, forums and bookmarks all combined into one. If you search around enough you’ll see there are plenty of ways to get do follow links from these sites.

PR5 Traineo.com – Join Community

PR5 PeerTrainer.com – Join Community

PR4 Fitfriend.com – Join Community

PR4 Fitlink.com – Join Community

PR4 ExtraPounds.com – Join Community

PR4 MyFitTribe.com – Join Community

PR3 FitResolution.com – Join Community

PR2 Fitspot.com *BETA* – Join Community

So this is just a small taste of what’s out there and hopefully it provides with you new marketing avenues to play with. I didn’t even get into do follow blogs for this niche and all the other social networks out there. Dig deeper into your niche and hopefully you market ethically and come out on top in the end.