20 Apr Link Building Reads For The Week

While I’ve had a couple of informative posts in the past couple of weeks but as the end of the month nears I fear I’ll be too busy to get another one out. I’ve also been getting some flack for releasing too many link building tips instead of the usual SEO theory. I’m most likely going to be toning that aspect down just because other people call it spam, while others call it link building. Most of you know that I do not endorse spam, but instead try and provide sources legit businesses can use to leverage links. So for now, here are a bunch of posts that are a great read although it’s all mostly theory. Remember to build quality links on related sites and you’ll do just fine!

Web Directory Lists: Promoting Websites or Provoking Spammers? via Dir Journal
10 Ways All Employees Can Contribute to Link Building via SEJ
Link Building for Image Rich Websites via Wiep
How To Create Amazing Backlinks via WordStream
List of 50 Blogs that accept guest blogging via Scope for Money