03 Feb Linkbuildr Office Peek

I thought I’d start having more fun and post some stuff from our office from time to time. Most of you only hear me ranting on the blog but everyone else here keeps pretty busy and behind the scenes. We’re working on a few podcast episodes at the moment which will introduce everyone else. There are only four of us here and our office looks pretty bare for how long we’ve been here. I couldn’t get the work done without everyone here so enjoy some of the pictures even though they’re pretty boring.

Kevin is on the left and he’s our programmer who just happens to be good at accounting a well…We all suspect he’ll eventually commit suicide from all the math, statistics and frustration. If you’d like to have a widget coded up and make Kevin’s life even more busy then get in touch. The other Ryan on the right is manager of the linkbait and social media marketing end of things and he’s the guy getting your content viral on all the social news sites.

I think the magical number of whiteboards is 3 and we enjoy staring at them despite how much more efficient my iPhone and netbook are. You’d normally see Geoff¬† in this picture if he didn’t decide to sleep in and work from home today…I figure I can tease him about it a little even though he’s got more work done than I today.

This is my desk at the moment which looks kind of bare on one end and messy as hell on the other. All I really need is my netbook and Starbucks so I keep a pretty clean desk. My home office looks a lot more professional, and by professional I mean dual LCD screens and really big speakers.