14 Aug Niche Link Building List For Real Estate

This is the first in many posts to come outlining a link building guide for the given niche. I will try and cover everything from fourms, social bookmarking, social networking, web directories and much more. This post is focused on the Real Estate niche and I hope you find it helpful in your link building efforts. Please leave me a comment because it’s do follow!

Real Estate Article Sites:

pr6 www.goarticles.com->Real Estate – Submit Here

pr6 www.ezinearticles.com->Real Estate – Submit Here

pr6 www.buzzle.com->Business & Finance->Real Estate – Submit Here

pr4 www.escapehomes.com – > Submit Here

pr2 www.realestateproarticles.com – Submit Here

*new* www.real-estate-article-directory.com – Submit Here

pr2 www.realestatepropertyarticles.com – Submit Here

Real Estate Forums:

pr5 www.biggerpockets.com – Sign Up Here

pr2 www.creforum.net – Sign Up Here

pr4 www.escapehomes.com – Sign Up Here

pr4 www.realestatediscuss.com – Sign Up Here

pr3 www.realestateforum.com – Sign Up Here

pr5 www.realestatewebmasters.com – Sign Up Here

pr4 www.worldpropertylinks.com – Sign Up Here

pr4 www.realestatetalks.com – Sign Up Here

Do Follow Real Estate Blogs(Don’t Abuse Do Follow Please)

pr5 www.inman.com/news – Visit Blog

pr4 www.varbuzz.com – Visit Blog

pr2 www.upstartagent.com – Visit Blog

pr3 www.golod.com/category/real-estate – Visit Blog

Real Estate Web Directories:

pr5 www.real-estate-blogs.com – Submit Link

pr4 www.estateround.com – Submit Link

pr3 www.property-directory.org – Submit Link

pr3 www.wrel.net – Submit Link

pr2 www.realtylinkdirectory.com – Submit Link

I won’t list too many more because you can spare me the time and jump onto Google and find a whole slough of web directories for real estate dedicated to the area you’re marketing in. Remember when picking a web directory to trade with keep a couple things mind. First, don’t submit to brand new directories with no seo, it’s only going to hurt you in the long run. Second, make sure you stick to directories only related to your niche. Keeping your inbound links from sites that are relevant will prevail in the longrun.

Real Estate RSS Feed Directories:

I managed to find one RSS Feed Directory dedicated to real esate feeds so I will keep this section short. There are many RSS Feed Directories out there so you should submit your feed to all of them anyway. It’s a good way to keep your content indexed in the search engines as well as get a few good links.

pr3 www.realtyfeedsearch.com – Submit RSS Feed Here

Real Estate Social Networks:

pr5 www.realtown.com – Visit Website

pr6 www.activerain.com – Visit Website

pr4 www.zolve.com – Visit Website

pr4 www.wannanetwork.com – Visit Website

pr3 www.flippingpad.com – Visit Website

Facebook also has a whole whack of real estate group where you can share links which make for a great way to market to the real estate community.

Real Estate Social News Sites:

This is the only social news site I could find dedicated to real estate, so if anyone else knows a site drop it in the comments. Although I still recommend using the already popular social news sites, these should bring in a few good back links apposed to traffic.

pr3 www.realestatevoices.com – Submit News