Victoria Video and Photography Production Services

A Very Rewarding Creative Endeavour

Here at Creative Branch, we love nothing more than to create stunning photos and videos for our clients. While writing code all day and coming up with a beautiful transition for a website is rewarding when everything comes together, there’s just something about capturing the light that bounces off of things that we all seem to love. True, the copy and layout may help drive sales and conversions, but it’s the images and videos that really give a brand its identity. We’re hoping you let us help you produce professional photos and videos for your brand’s identity.

Every Site Needs Photos

Whether your site has a shop, a blog or is a glorified about you page, every site has to have images. The better these images are the more reputable and professional your business will look. Similarly, we’ve found that, when compared to buying stock photos, taking photos of your actual business doing the work it does with the people who do it will paint a much more realistic and transparent vision of your business. Often, it ends up being less expensive than stock photography anyways. If ever there’s an opportunity, we take our own photos for any online marketing we’re a part of.

Jaw Dropping Videos

Whether you’re listing a beautiful multi-million dollar mansion or taking a trip to the farmer’s market to pick out ingredients for your restaurant’s special later that night, a beautiful video will tell the story better than any other medium. We’ve produced all kinds of videos including recurring video blogs, how-to videos, interviews, educational videos, documentaries, lots of stunning aerial drone projects, and simple shorts that let your client get to know you and your brand a little better. No matter what video production needs you have we are well equipped to deliver a product that exceeds that of the competition for less.

What do you Do?

We find that a lot of the time a client wants to make a video but they don’t know what that video should be about. We always find that showing people what you do in your business is the best place to start. If you’re having issues figuring out what deserves to go in your video, please get in touch with us below and we’ll work together towards an incredible product that will delight you and impress your clientele.

How Can We Help You with Photo and Video Production?