24 Oct Promote Yourself With Superscout.com

For those of you running your own consulting business online, here’s a tip to help bring in some more business, do a little more branding and even bring yourself a nice link. We of all people know that when you start to get really busy with clients, the less time you have to market your services to new potential businesses. This can eventually catch up to you so hopefully this site helps keeps things flowing and pushes a little extra branding for your services, and the company.

Superscout.com provides both employers and employees a social network for brand and job growth. While you can get a company link, that shouldn`t be the main focus of use. Remember that I`ve toned down my public link releases just because the majority of people on the interwebs spam. So put the site to good use by taking advantage by putting up your company profile, add your latest jobs and keep in touch with job applicants who you connect with.

For consultants like myself, you can get quick and easy access to all the jobs and employers all the while keeping track of what`s going on. The one really interesting factor from an employee`s end of things is the real contact with companies I`ve experienced on here. Superscout.com does a great job and keeping companies coming back and active, so take advantage while the getting is good!