04 Jan SEO Web Hosting

SEO Web Hosting has become quite popular lately, and if you have a network of sites/blog/whatever you’re most likely wanting to have them each hosted on a separate IP address. A lot of companies have sprung up to offer specific SEO Web Hosting as it has become the buzz word even though most companies have offered this since the dawn of web hosting. It’s a smart move on their part because it made for a great new keyword to reap in tons of clients, and usually clients who were raking it in themselves. There are a handful of dedicated SEO Web Hosting companies and I thought I would list a few, ranked as I seem them now on Google according to the Google Dance Tool.

SEO Web Hosting is a full fledge managed hosting company that specializes in SEO Web Hosting. They’ve done a great job building up their backlink profile, and with a domain like that it’s no wonder why they’re holding down the number one position in Google for the term. They do a great job of splitting up the IP’s and the prices are very affordable, but if you’re in this game money shouldn’t be a problem. You can take a look at their SEO Hosting Packages or contact them at 570-574-9067. I must say though they need to get an email contact form up on their website….this is 2009 after all :)

SEO Hosting is another powerhouse SEO Hosting company that is backed by none of than Host Gator. I’m an affiliate of theirs but they have no banners or links under their program for this, so that would be nice (hint hint). Since this is with Host Gator prices are very reasonable and hosting plans start as low as $35/month and go all the way up to $544/month. The site also offers some run of the mill SEO tools and a blog that also features run of the mill blog posts…if you guys ever need a guest post let me know!

I will be updating this thread throughout the blogs lifespan and make sure to add new companies that offer SEO Web Hosting services. If I missed a company please let me know through my contact form or leave a comment in this post. I’ve also been wondering what Google might think of this as an SEO technique….border line greyhat or do you folks think its all good? I personally think it is a viable tactic, but I do see the blackhat possibilities with use a SEO Web Hosting setup for a blog network.