15 Aug ShopKick Location Based Shopping App

I’ve been soaking in all the location based and real time marketing lately, for obvious reasons of course. On my digital travels I came across ShopKick while writing for an upcoming publication. I was talking with Scott Loader yesterday about his Foursquare rampage while shopping here in Vancouver. While Foursquare is no geared directly towards just stores, it still does an ok job of providing deals and fun through its games. I however really like the idea of a location based deals application just for shopping, and this is exactly what ShopKick is all about.

The amount of different deals and coupons that could be offered by this app makes it most intriguing to me, and my clients. While ShopKick is still in its infancy(private beta), you can get that stores are hungry to have this new revolution help bring back some lost business during these tough times. The app itself is set to bring up a stores real world “bounce rate” with features such as KickBucks. This form of currency can be collected by just walking into stores, and further more by scanning products in store with your phone! Once you’ve collected enough, well you guessed it, rewards can be had in real life with prizes such as iPads, phones and more! Check out the video to see a little bit of it in action.