14 Nov The Sun Does Old Spice Commercial Parody..For Men

I won’t go much into this other than the example of more great branding, this time The Sun’s Page 3 is leveraging a little spice to grab the attention of the world. I’m sure you all saw Sesame Street’s adaption using Grover, which was brilliant, and now The Sun has done what I was hoping someone would do…one for the guys. This video netted over a million views since I looked at it yesterday, and you can bet they’ll topple a few million by the end of this week, especially with the girl they used…hot damn! They should have added a link to their site within the video’s description, so hopefully someone from the web team reads this and gets on it. For the meantime, I’d keep an eye on their Alexa Traffic Stats, the Twitter chatter and if you want to see how many links it netted them, well you know what to do!