03 Jun Vertical Measures "Boost Your Juice" Contest

I got an email from Arnie over at Vertical Measures about a pretty awesome contest they have going on. While Arnie was speaking at SMX this week I thought I’d help spread the word about the serious prizes and what you need to do. Let me tell you that the prizes are so good I was thinking of getting some fake ID and signing up. I could be Linky McBuildr or Mclinklovin :)

So they’ve called out all your business owners out there to create a small writeup of 200 words or less, or a 3 minute video stating why your business deserves 1st prize. If you win that you’re looking at $5000 worth of link building done by the team over at Vertical Measures. Second place is still looking to get $1000 worth of link building, and this could take your business to the next level.

The contest stops taking submissions on June 15th 2009, so you better get your ass in gear and submit your application. They have a great judge panel that you’ll need to win over and you can see the entire list on the contest page.