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Gain Acclaim

Stakes are high when you’re attempting a viral marketing campaign. Most of the time, content that goes viral was never intended to do so. That is almost always part of the appeal. There are, however, many successful viral marketing campaigns that were created to succeed and attract tonnes of new eyes to their product or service. Timing has to be perfect and the campaign has to be natural and creative. Often times Viral marketing techniques or ideas pop out of the dark recesses of one employee’s mind on a whim. It’s very difficult to sit down and round table a successful viral marketing campaign.

When the stars align and a good idea grows into a perfectly executed viral marketing campaign, the results can be unparalleled.

Roll the Dice

It’s incredibly difficult to estimate any type of return on investment when it comes to viral marketing. Something can take off locally, but not globally. Things might take off within a particular niche online, but won’t expand beyond it. Neither of these instances would be seen as poor outcomes, but they’re not going to be Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice Ad. That being said, we won’t go ahead with the execution of a viral marketing campaign unless we truly believe it will succeed.

The potential return on a viral marketing effort far exceeds that of nearly any other type of advertising but the risks are higher. We always find that our campaigns attract the attention of the right people and always create memorable, interesting and well produced content.

How We Come Up With a Viral Hit

Because the timing and concept have to be right on for a social viral success, they are not often planned. Our regular clients allow a certain amount of budget each year for viral marketing efforts, but there’s usually no plan as to when this viral effort will happen. We know we’re going to do one, we’re just waiting for the right idea. Often, employees or owners themselves will have an idea. They’ll present it to their peers and if everybody thinks it will be a good idea to do it, we do.

Born and Bred

Well, maybe not born, but we were certainly bred on the internet. We are in touch with what is popular and successful in the world of online marketing; in fact, it’s our job. If an idea for a viral marketing attempt is simply not on the mark, we’ll let you know before we let you invest money into it. A lot of the time the ideas that CEOs and owners have are simply out of touch with what the internet crowd wants. That being said, a lot of the time CEOs and owners have a unique viewpoint that nobody else could see and may create the next big thing online.

If you’ve got an idea for a viral marketing campaign and need some consultation or assistance in its execution, or if you’d like to know how we produce viral marketing campaigns for our recurring clientele, please don’t hesitate to fill out that form below!

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